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Final count:  30 convicted souls surrender to Christ in Bellevue, Nebraska

Bellevue, Nebraska - Meet your new brothers and sisters reached in the Bellevue campaign, surrounded by the elders and church welcoming them into the body fellowship!!  Praise God for 30 new souls and one who returned!

Bellevue, Nebraska - Fifty-six Cadre and workers from 14 states are at work with local Christians on their SAR (Search And Rescue) Mission!

As of Victory Sunday, the final count of those rescued is 30 souls who obeyed the Gospel and were saved in the We Care Campaign in Bellevue, Nebraska.  One more was restored.  For that we praise God!

Below are the events in counter-subsequent order as we reported the events unfolding during the campaign. 

“What was so astounding about the campaign here,” said local brother Andy Pason, “was not the number of souls won.  We expect that!  Rather it was how many of the local church actually became involved.”  The elders told us that 89% of the church there was actually involved in some aspect of the campaign.  Sixty-six Christians actually were on the front lines, winning souls, some even every day!

Bellevue, Nebraska - I wish you could see the childlike expression on the face of Robert Young-Baum (right) as Jeff Weaver, local preacher, asks him if he believes Jesus is God's Son.  Robert is one happy new Christian this morning (Thursday, August 7)) of the presently ongoing campaign.

We reported a young man (pictured above) named Robert Young-Baum looking through the door at the church building a few days ago, interested in the events, ending up a new Christian.  We gave him our video DVD presentation called “Let’s Get Real!  What if the Lord were to come right now?”  Very excited he took it home to show it to his aunt, Sharon Brown.  Robert was continuously at the building soaking up the activities after that.  Robert insisted to Larry West that they call Sharon Friday night.  Larry telephoned Sharon, where excited Sharon informed him that she had watched the video four times that one day!

“I’ll be there Sunday morning!” she said.  And she was!  Victory Sunday morning she came with Robert, and as class began where we introduce the new Christians, she said she was ready to obey the Lord.  So, WHAT A WAY to start Victory Sunday! 

There are many other stories that occur in We Care Campaigns, stories we should not tell, not really.  They are so wonderful and life changing, but because they deal with such shameful pasts, we shouldn’t announce the details.  Yet they are devastating!  What victories Christ gives over Satan!  Down line we can tell more.

The elders committed publically that they would immediately contact every new Christian.  Each has already a mentor, doing their jobs beautifully. 

Please praise God for the victories God’s people experienced in Bellevue!


Twenty seven now saved in ongoing Nebraska campaign

As we wind down the campaign in Bellevue, Nebraska, here on the final Friday we have seen 27 obey.  Two responded last night in the middle of our sermon on the RESURRECTION.  One was a husband, Brad, of a new convert two days earlier, Lisa.  She simply obeyed, went home and told her husband, brought him to the supper hour at the building, and one of the members sat with him, presented the Gospel to him, and into the auditorium they walked.  We always give those wanting to become Christians precedence over the moment; we stop anything and everything to urgently get them into Christ! 
And immediately after Brad confessed the Christ, in walked another, a young man named Mark, one that a member had brought to the campaign even the night before. 
What a joy!
Pray we get more who are on the front burner and are urgently almost ready.
And by the way, a dearest friend of my had just graduated into Heaven.  He was World Radio Director for many years, where I worked for nearly 30 years giving birth to We Care Ministries, a man who gave me, Larry, much freedom and encouragement to do this wonderful We Care work.
Norman K. Rhodes, former Director of World Radio and long time elder at the Whites Ferry Road Church of Christ in West Monroe, Louisiana, passed from this life on Thursday, August 7th, 2008 at 6:45 PM.  “Norm,” as he was know by close friends, left behind a legacy of 20 years of expansion, cooperation, and influence on world evangelism that continues to reap rewards to the present.  Many areas around the world where the church has grown significantly in the last 30 years can appreciate Norm and his vision for seeing that the Gospel is spread to every nation in every language and doing so in partnership with national leaders, missionaries, and sister ministries like World Bible School. During his tenure, World Radio produced thousands of programs that were broadcast in or to almost every nation of the World.

We at We Care Ministries mourn his passing from this life and celebrate his graduation to the next.  He leaves behind his wife of 55 years, Mary,  his children, Mark, Leonard, Sarah, Linda, and Martha and his many grandchildren.

Cards and letters of appreciation and consolation may be sent to: Mary Rhodes, 810 Florence St, West Monroe, LA 71291 or to World Radio, 3201 N 7th St., West Monroe, LA  71291.


Twenty-three souls

new in the Kingdom so far

in Bellevue, Nebraska


In the ongoing campaign in Bellevue, 23 have obeyed with four days yet to go in the organized part of this church’s outreach. 


One man yesterday, Robert Youngbond, was walking down the street and Jeff Weaver, local preacher, found him looking through the glass at the front door of the building.  Robert said he had heard of the church having helped someone he knew, he saw the ongoing commotion and was humbly looking onto the scene.  He is now a brother in Christ.  (See picture of Jeff taking his confession)  Jeff brought him into the building and ended up presenting the saving message of the Gospel to Robert.  Then, Robert sat through our lesson on obeying the Gospel last night, and at the invitation, here he came to do just that.


More are on the verge of obeying.  Pray for this rescue operation.


Our stats look nearly the same as in every We Care Campaign.  We are finding one out of every three doors we knock someone is at home.  Of those at home, we are finding one out of seven at this stage hearing the Gospel presentation, and out of those one out of every four are obeying it.  While the numbers look very much the same, we can still tell there is somewhat of a different chemistry in this campaign.  New Christians are bringing members of their families to hear the Good News, or, like Robert, we are catching them on the street.


Praise God people are open to salvation.  All we need to do is work!



Bellevue, Nebraska - As of yesterday, August 6, Neda Lomax (Cadre, Texas) has taught and seen 139 obey the Gospel using her little $5.00 We Care chain-reference New Testament she acquired in 1996.  We praise God again!




Bellevue, Nebraska - Local elders and preacher hold hands and pray with brand new Christian in "circle within a circle," seeing 23 new souls come to Christ so far (as of Thursday, August 7) in the We Care Campaign.


Seventh day brings five more, totaling 15 so far rescued in Bellevue campaign

Today, the seventh day, we saw five more obey the Gospel.  Below are pictures telling only some of their stories.

While Stew and Ruby were teaching others the Gospel in two other rooms, two more came to the building to learn the Gospel.  Mickel More (Cadre, Kansas) is meeting them here and they go to even another room, all while Larry began preaching the Gospel to the audience in the auditorium Tuesday night.  Praise God for hungry souls!!
 Who says, "Door knocking doesn't work????!!"  Just ask all these new saved souls!

At the same time Ruby Oden was teaching in the church office Sandra and Judy, who came to Christ, interrupting our preaching to do so tonight (Tuesday), elder Stew Highberg was teaching the Gospel to another in the library.

Don Brock (Cadre, Kansas) brought another to Christ shortly before we began preaching Tuesday night.

Bellevue, Nebraska - Ruby Oden, upper left, is teaching contacts Sandra and Judy from the We Care Gospel Comic Book, Ruby likes rather to call "the Gospel Illustrated" book.  This study makes it the 135th time she has used this booklet in studies, and she and her husband Bill have seen 130 students in those studies obey the Gospel.  She used the tool to "dialog" with the prospects.  They read one character's part in the booklet while she reads the other. 


Ten souls obey so far in Bellevue, Nebraska

Day 6 – This is the first day we’ve been able to write about the ongoing campaign in Bellevue, Nebraska. 

The We Care Campaign started in Bellevue last Thursday morning and we have seen ten obey the Gospel so far.  Today, on this the sixth day of this 11- day campaign, were the last six.


It started with Jeff Weaver baptizing his own daughter.  Then, one of our teams saw a neighbor coming out to the street to meet them.  Judy Wolz said, “I saw you and knew you would be knocking on my door.  So, I came to see what it is you want.”  They began with our method of saying, “We’re looking for people who need some attention.”  And they offered food, clothing, hospital help and a listening ear to those who are lonely.  Then, they began the process toward asking her our question, “We’re trying to get people to Heaven too.  How are you and the Lord doing?  What if the Lord were to come right now; would you know for sure you would be going to Heaven?”  And now she is!  “We didn’t have to knock her door,” said Andy Payson (local) .  “She came to us!”

Today while we were hearing reports in our afternoon session, Judith Mackey (Cadre, Texas) came bouncing in with Brandi Engert.  Judith now leads a team and they found Ken and Brandi in their home.  Ken had to leave in the middle of the study to get ready for work.  They finished presenting the Gospel with Brandi and she wanted to be saved.  So, down to the building they came.  While they were taking Brandi’s confession of her faith, in walked Ken, and did Judith begin to jump.  Ken was all for Brandi’s being baptized, though he didn’t understand.  Smiling, holding their little Stephanie in his arms, he witnessed Brandi obey the Lord and joined her in the “Welcome Circle.”  Because of his demeanor, we boldly said, “Ken, when you do what Brandi did, you too will become part of the family here, and you belong here!”  And all along he was nodding.  He was having to run to work.  So at this point Judith and her team are to get with Ken shortly. 


How I wish you could witness the atmosphere of joy when these things happen.  Brandi was crying with joy.  She and Ken were both loving the love being given to them in the place.  It’s Christianity in action.

There are other stories.  They are basically that we go, we find, we befriend, we confront, we teach the GOSPEL of CHRIST, and we bring them into His death and resurrection from His grave!  And do they rejoice.  Some cannot stop crying tears of joy!


Two of our own Cadre wanted to remove doubts in their lives.  One a past elder in the church and in his eighties, wanted to make sure of his salvation.  And that takes a great amount of both humility and boldness to stand up in  front of a mass of God’s people and say, “I want to obey the Gospel.”  These campaigns are so focused on the Gospel of Christ that those who teach it over and over are often impacted with God’s Word, often something they really were not raised on, and they fall deeply in love with it and want to make sure they truly have obeyed that saving message!  And praise God for such hearts!

Two late today were Felicia LaBille and Lisa Emands.  A team found Felicia at home interested in what the Lord wanted her to do.  So, needing some attention, she came to the building.  But, she first called her best friend, Lisa, and asked if she wanted to come with her.  She did.  And they learned the Gospel and obeyed it! 


People are reachable!  If we will go calling, we will win souls!  That’s the bottom line!

Keep praying for more souls.  We are at work through next Sunday.

Bellevue, Nebraska - While Judith is introducing Brandy ...

... Ken comes into the building, dressed and ready to go to his job.  Ken does not understand yet what Brandy is doing but, as you can see, is grateful and supportive.  He will obey maybe after work today when the team can sit with him and reveal to him the saving Gospel!  Oh, what joy!

Bellevue, Nebraska - Local elders praying for and welcome Judy, a neighbor, into the church.

Bellevue, Nebraska - Getting ready to go to house to house.

 "... how I kept back nothing that was helpful, but proclaimed it to you, and taught you publicly and from house to house, testifying to Jews, and also to Greeks, repentance toward God and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ..." (Acts 20:20-21)

Bellevue, Nebraska - Jeff Weaver, pulpit, shows and talks about our hitting the neighborhood near and far from the church building! 


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